About Jibble

Jibble is a SaaS company that develops a HR cloud application that makes it easy for companies to track their teams time, attendance and performance

Through the concept of Power-ups the functionality of our SaaS is extended further in order to empower HR and managers to build high performance teams within their organisation.

The main time tracking features enable teams to process payroll, client billing or effectively determine what everyone is working on. We have a significant number of integrations with other cloud apps in development, in addition to a unique feature that we are confident will allow us to capture the attention of the most savvy HR departments across the Enterprise.

Jibble is already being used by hundreds of teams in over 50 countries and we have only just got started. It's an exciting time for the company having just secured a decent round of funding after demonstrating product-market fit. The company is now at the early growth phase, looking to expand both its user base and product features.

The current HQ is in Malaysia although we're in the process of opening up a US office.

Almost all staff work remotely and enjoy the privileges of an awesome nomadic lifestyle.

Current openings

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