About Jibble

Jibble is a SaaS company that develops a HR app that makes it easy for companies to track their teams time, attendance and performance

The main time tracking features enable teams to process payroll, client billing or effectively determine what everyone is working on.

Jibble is already being used by over a thousand companies in over 30 countries and we have only just got started. The company has established initial traction and is now looking for initial scale.

The HQ is in Malaysia although our team work remotely concentrated around Europe.

Company Culture Values

  1. We care greatly about the quality of our work and the product we offer to our customers
  2. We’re motivated by high NPS scores and customer satisfaction
  3. We work remotely and we trust each other with their tasks
  4. We work both hard and smart whilst maintaining a work life balance
  5. We strive to be different, to stand-out, innovate and evolve if required
  6. We focus on metrics and performance
  7. We don’t care much about titles and help each other outside of our primary responsibilities

Current openings

No open jobs at this moment